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Life with Trials and Tribulations of COVID---Priyanka Jain

Pulmonary clinic is always busy, mostly educational and usually a lot of fun. But today was special - one of my follow-ups was one of the first COVID patients I helped take care of in the ICU when the first round of the pandemic hit.

I still remember he and his wife, both vented, in rooms right next to each other. I still remember facetiming their daughter through a plastic bag so she could see her parents. I still remember, when he was struggling, telling him that he had to get better because his wife was waiting for him on the other side.

And now? He's back to normal, as if the year from hell had never happened. Walking and talking on room air with no problem. He feels GREAT. This was a man who not only contracted COVID - he was vented for two weeks, he developed cardiomyopathy, DVTs and a secondary bacterial superinfection.

And yet he persevered. How? Well, as his daughter put it, at today's office visit, 'It was because of all of your love and care for him. Thank God you all were there for him.'

So every time you happen to think of the ones you couldn't save, remember the on

es you did. I am so thankful to have every one of you on this team and I am so thankful that I get the opportunity to be a part of it.

Brb, gonna go cry happy tears now.

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